• 3d holographic projector 3d hologram projection screen film
  • 3d holographic projector 3d hologram projection screen film

3d Holographic Projector 3d Hologram Projection Screen Film



   Holographic projection film has a unique transparent property, which allows the audience to see the background through the film while maintaining clear image. The quality of the picture is 100% clear and bright, with extraordinary ultra-thin state and no space limit. This magical effect is due to the practical application of the hologram technology, which is first published in the international market. It is the world's first epoch-making patented technology projection film, which can directly view images from both sides of the front and back at the same time and from multiple angles, regardless of whether the light source is sufficient or not. Excellent imaging effect, crystal clear screen, unique high-definition transparent imaging, forming crystal clear vision, the first time to seize the curiosity and attention of the audience, high-quality dissemination of visual information at the same time, will not hinder the display of on-site exhibits. The material is simple and thin, the communication design is simple and thin, and contains infinite connotation. Not subject to site and design restrictions, or floating in the air, or covered with walls, so that design and communication everywhere, so that inspiration and imagination and technology fashion overflow in the whole environment

It has white,grey ,dark grey,transparent and black,width is 1.524m,length is 30m per roll,different color suitable for different occasions.


3d holographic projector 3d holographic projection film for shop windows



Wide viewing angle.

Performs exceptionally well even in high ambient lighting or bright daylight conditions.

True colour reproduction from any angle.

Can be cut to any shape and size.

Lightweight and easy to install.

Can be applied to rigid & clear acrylic panels to create easily-portable displays.

 Available in 30m,20m,10m, 5m, or 2,5m rolls x 1.52m wide



Showroom,Airport,Exhibition Hall, stores,Bank,Mall,Museum,Shop window,stage performance.

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