Holographic Film

Shenzhen Mike Vision Technology Co., Limited – The Leading Holographic Projection Film Manufacturer

Shenzhen Mike Vision Technology Co., Limited has been making different types of screening solutions for almost 8 years and has established its footprint as a leading 3D holographic projection film provider in China and abroad. We provide state-of-the-art screening options to different cinemas, museums, and hotels in countries such as Singapore, Japan, Germany, and Italy.

Our advanced 3D holographic projection film is made up of a thin polyester film and projects high-definition images that are visible from all viewing angles. We also offer fast delivery timelines, so we enable our valued customers to meet the display demands on an immediate basis.


Why Choose Us?

We, as a pioneer 3D holographic projection film provider, recognize the growing need for high-quality holographic film and we provide customize options so we can help different customers to meet their respective display needs. Our iconic holographic film comes in a standard cinema aspect ratio of 16:9 and provides an immersive and true-to-life viewing experience. We have spent a long time guaranteeing that the holographic film reaches safely to our customers, and for that purpose, we have provided special foam packaging so the film doesn’t get affected while it travels to our clients. We are capable of producing these holographic films on a larger scale so we can ensure that all the needs of our customers can be fulfilled.


Our Promise

The promise of quality that Mike Vision provides helps us to develop a healthy working relationship with all of the new and existing clients that trust us with their screen-related requirements. Our client-friendly low prices make us stand apart from the competition, and that is one of the many reasons why we have been able to dictate the consumer market in all the major countries around the world. We, as a leading holographic film provider, are determined to provide the latest technology to our customers so they can opt for the finest viewing experience at an affordable price.


Salient Features

·         Excellent viewing angles even in broad daylight

·         Soft foam packaging to provide proper safety

·         High-definition projection to offer an immersive experience

·         Industry leading prices along with customizable options