How To Turn Your Smartphone into A 3D Holographic Projector

How To Turn Your Smartphone into A 3D Holographic Projector

It’s no surprise that holographic technology has become the new cool, and there have been many attempts to integrate this groundbreaking technology into the mainstream culture. The idea of a holographic 3D projection setup excites many enthusiasts, and many have tried to use it as a primary means of displaying different patterns and images. It wasn’t too long ago when holographic projectors were only used in large-scale applications such as exhibitions and cinemas. Still, the rapid growth that holographic technology has made has pushed the boundaries of this groundbreaking technological miracle. 


Smartphones have been a basic medium in bringing holographic technology to the masses as manufacturers have been trying to find ways to turn our smartphones into a portable way to display different holographic designs. We have already witnessed other smartphone manufacturers have fastened their seatbelts to take us on a journey to make us have holographic film projectors in our pockets. The market has seen rapid growth in the demand for such technology, and it’s safe to say that the first-generation attempts have already been floating in the mainstream circuit. 


Indeed, the possibility of having a device with a holographic rear projection film in your pockets is a distanced thought that is still in the works but do you know something fascinating and surprising? The prices of the large-scale holographic projectors might be reaching the skies, but we are moving towards more affordable options that enable us to have easy access to the technological marvel that holographic projectors have become for us in recent years. You don’t need to wait for a smartphone manufacturer to introduce this feature to get it in your hands. You can use different simple steps to bring your imagination into a living reality. 


It is essential to know the idea behind a holographic projector before attempting to turn your smartphone into a portable holographic projector. You can find the basic information about the holographic projector below. 


What is a 3D Holographic Projector?


Primarily the holographic projectors work by passing light through a graphical image that blocks some of the light, producing shading and color of the projected picture. Holographic projectors produce a picture through refraction as light passes through the recorded interfering pattern. Light shining through a flat interference pattern generates an image that has three-dimensional qualities but is still flat. When it comes to 3D imaging on the same principles, a spinning mirror system can be used. The 3D technique uses a high-speed video projector aimed at a spinning platform with a mirror attached, a holographic diffuser, and hardware for decoding digital images. It reflects in all directions because the mirror spins rapidly, allowing spectators to witness a three-dimensional image at all angles. The use of 3D holographic projectors has allowed the masses to use this technology for various purposes, including the growing reliance on this technology in industries like the medical and entertainment industry. 


The rise in popularity of the 3D holographic projectors is a testimony that the technology will get better with time, and we will see more integration of the 3D concepts in the holographic projectors. The prices of medium-sized 3D projectors have decreased, and manufacturers have been trying to make them more accessible to the general consumer market worldwide. 


How To Turn Smartphone into A 3D Holographic Projector


The thought of turning your smartphone into a 3D holographic projector has been there for a long time now, and people have been finding ways to make this thing possible. The encouraging thing in this regard is that it is quite possible in today’s time, and here, we will guide you about how you can turn your smartphone into a holographic projector. 


Materials You Need to Turn Your Smartphone into A 3D Holographic Projector

The required materials you need for the process are stated below.

  • Graph paper
  • Old CD case
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Smartphone
  • Knife or glass cutter


Turning The Smartphone into A 3D Holographic Projector 

  • Get the graph paper and pen, measuring out a trapezoid one centimeter at the top, six centimeters on the lower part, and 3.5 centimeters at the sides.
  • Rely on the trapezoid and the glass cutter or a knife, cutting out four similar trapezoids from the shiny part of the CD case
  • Tape the 3.5 cm sides together to form a pyramid.
  • Keep the pyramid upside down on the display of your smartphone. 
  • Play a holographic video on your smartphone and look at the image formed 
  • You can witness the holographic effect form in the surroundings of the pyramids that you had created in the process.