5 trending applications of hologram technology in the real world

5 trending applications of hologram technology in the real world

A term once used in science-fiction movies is now an emerging trend in the real world. This is how quickly time changes and introduces things that were once used to be mere imaginations. The holography technique resulting in 3D holograms is now widely used in medical engineering, digital art, defense, marketing and sales department, telecommunication, education, spatial navigation, and in a lot of other domains. It has recently taken over a lot of industrial applications and is now becoming a part of everyday life as well. One such example is the increasing number of 3D LED holographic fan in the market. Even basic things like fans and lighting are now revolutionized using this tech. 

Before we discuss the real-world applications of the holography technique, let’s find out what it is.

What is hologram technology? 

For those who are new to the term, the hologram is a result of the modern 3D visualization technique which is widely used in various applications nowadays. A hologram is a virtual 3D image formed by the interference of light beams after reflecting from the real physical objects. The image obtained specializes in-depth, parallax, and other similar properties of a three-dimensional image and is visually eye-pleasing. Also, these images can be seen and appreciated well by the naked eyes. 

5 Applications of hologram technology

Here are a few examples of how this technology has influenced various life fields. 

Medical field research and advancement in diagnostic techniques  

Using the holographic technique, doctors and surgeons have opened new doors into the field of medical research. The capacity of this technique to process body images and convert them into non-contact 3D images with advanced depth and view allows the physicians to have an in-depth knowledge of the patient. This further enhances their diagnostic plans and improves the treatment modalities.

Spatial navigation

There is still much advancement going on in this field. The main use of holograms using the Wi-Fi connection is to form a study that allows outlining the objects in premises by displaying the surroundings. Through this technique, lately, it has become easy to find victims trapped under a collapsing building or facing a similar hazard.

Music shows and dramas

Everyone knows about the dramatic effects of a hologram. This technique is presently being used in musical shows and concerts to attract the audience and create a unique and thrilling ambiance. The photorealistic hologram technology is used to create a person from head to toe. The high-end motion capture tech and full 3D CGI recreates the shadow, which is then projected into a nearly invisible plane of glass.

Fan like hologram 

While holographic technology is conquering the advanced fields, it’s not letting the simple domains go by that easily. The holographic 3D fans are now on market creating a perfect illusion of 3D objects floating in the air. The fan spins so fast that it becomes invisible to the human eye and the object projection is then easily seen through the background. Such fans are used for advertisement and marketing at airports, in shopping malls, theme parks, at special events, and in other public areas.

Oh, the pretty fairy light!

Don’t we all love the cute little fairy lights used to light up the ballroom? The holographic technology is making its way through to create amazing effects of the fairy lights. The researchers have created tiny points of light plasma using the femtosecond lasers which can be touched as well. The research is still going on and is showing promising results.

These along with many other applications are showcasing the coming era of holographic technology. Voice cloning, digital technology, and artificial intelligence is truly shaping the world of tomorrow.