3D projection- Providing 3D Effects That Are Beyond Magical!

3D projection- Providing 3D Effects That Are Beyond Magical!

Although there had been a concept of 3D movies since the early 1900s, however, it was till 2008 that the 3D projectors did not enter the market. However, these 3D projectors were mainly designed for educational purposes as the use of these 3D projectors makes everything ten times more attractive than they usually are and way more understandable. If used for the purpose of education, which they were mainly created for, they would have made studies a lot easier by introducing 3D structures and diagrams that would have been a lot easier than the ordinary ones that we get to see. However, the 3d projectors are now being used for various different purposes like home theatre, gaming, education, and various science and business applications as well. 


If we talk about the features that truly matter when we think of a 3D projector and the purposes that it serves, we see that there are certain features like resolution, brightness, lamp life, technology, contrast, sharpness, connections, portability, and various other features that are considered while buying a 3D projector screen. But before one thinks of buying a 3D projector one must be familiar with all the details of a 3D projector and how it works. To begin with a fact, there are mainly two types of 3D projectors that exist that are known as 3D ready projectors and full HD 3D projectors. However, most of the time, we get to see that the manufacturers usually do not even inform us about the type of 3D projector that we are having a look at, as these terminologies are not yet recognized internationally. The way there are standards for all kinds of factors measured like the brightness is measured using a standard called the lumen, which I also recognized internationally.


3D Ready

The type 3D ready means that the device that is being used supports at least one of the available 3D input formats along with supporting the 3D viewing. Another factor is that these projectors can have a wide array of resolutions. Some of the common examples of such a 3d projector are XGA, WXGA, HD 4 K, etc. 4K 3 is considered to be the projector that is absolutely impressive in terms of quality and highly affordable in terms of prices.


Full 3D 

When it comes to a full 3D projector, it means that the projector has a Full HD resolution and is 3D-ready. Thus, there are two things that are there in full 3D and that are 1080p native resolution that I considered to be quite good, and it is also considered because of the fact that it supports 3D viewing.


If we pay a brief look, we get to see that mainly there is just a single difference between both the 3D ready and the full 3D, which is considered to be the difference of resolution, which is the basic difference in the projectors generally. 


How 3D Projector Works

3D projectors are the pieces of hardware that are based upon the technology that is essential to create a three-dimensional image over a surface that is usually two-dimensional. This feature is quite evident in the projectors that are generally labeled as 3D, as they indicate the capability.


The principle at which these projectors work is quite unique in terms of understanding as the projectors use a sequential 3D frame that substitutes between a frame that needs to be viewed by the left eye and a slightly different one that is t be viewed by the right eye, this alternating pattern tends to repeat itself till the time the projector continues to be used and as long as it continues to perform its function. It works o somewhat a similar principle at which we are able to perceive the depth in our daily lives as each of our eyes sees a different view of a similar object. This phenomenon of viewing the depths is known as stereoscopic vision, and it is the reason why they have got the name of the stereoscopic image.


Why do we need a 3D Projection?

When we talk about the reasons for which we need a 3D projector, we get to see that there are various advantages of these 3D projectors as besides providing a high resolution and making things far more attractive and understandable, these projectors provide a cheap solution for the decoration purposes as nowadays we get to see projection being used over the buildings in order to create arts and decorations over the buildings, saving the extra time and efforts.